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Product & Advantages

METOMOTION is developing a multipurpose robotic system for labor-intensive tasks in greenhouses. 

METOMOTION’s first application:
Robotic harvester for greenhouse tomatoes. The system is designed for simple operation and smooth integration into existing greenhousepractices. The robotic harvester will bring significant reduction in the number of workers needed for the vegetable production cycle. 

METOMOTION estimates a reduction of up to 50% in harvest-related labor costs, with a predicted ROI of under three years for the grower.

METOMOTION’s system can be easily adapted to perform a range of greenhouse tasks, including harvesting of additional vegetables, pruning, monitoring, pollination, and more.


METOMOTION’s robotic harvester incorporates state of art robotics and automation technology:

  • Advanced 3D vision system and machine vision algorithms to identify and locate the ripe fruits.
  • Multiple, custom designed, robotic arms.
  • Proprietary harvesting end-effector for robust and damage free harvesting.
  • Automated guided vehicle designed for smooth integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Onboard sorting and boxing system.
  • ROS based architecture.

METOMOTION's CEO Adi Nir Speaks at
Trendlines 7th Annual Company Showcase 2017

The Market

METOMOTION’s first target market is the hi-tech greenhouse sector, where automatic systems are in common use and there is a strong movement toward robotics. METOMOTION estimates the potential of its first target market to be worth around $1.5 billion, with numerous expansion options.

The Team

Adi Nir, CEO

More than 15 years’ experience in multidisciplinary product development in the aerospace industry. Including management, system engineering, and project management.
Adi holds an M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in mechanical engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Omer Nir, CTO

Advanced product development of robotic systems for agriculture applications.
Omer holds an M.Sc. degree in agricultural engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and B.Sc., in mechanical engineering from Braude Engineering College.

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