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Greenhouse Robotic Worker

The MetoMotion autonomous greenhouse robotic worker drives through the greenhouse, using an advanced drive system equipped with LiDAR safety sensors, carefully selecting and picking the tomato in accordance with the predefined (or grower-set) ripeness settings.

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More intelligent decision-making and better performance.

The GRoW platform offers practical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for crop management. The self-learning algorithm underlying the AI-based software allows continual improvements of the autonomous harvesting robot.

This combination of

Advanced Robotics & Improved Decision-Making

offers MetoMotion’s customers opportunities for greater efficiency, productivity and profitability.
GRoW also represents an important step toward a more sustainable future by reducing the overall environmental footprint of the greenhouse.


80% savings in labor hours
Harvesting is the most labor intensive task in the greenhouse. Our solution will significantly reduce man hours enabling growers to focus on the most important daily aspects.
Smooth integration into
existing greenhouse practices
The GRoW system does not require constructional greenhouse modification and therefore can be seamlessly incorporated in operational greenhouses.
50% cost reduction
By introducing GRoW to the harvesting process the grower will achieve major financial benefits adding to a stronger competitive position.
24/7 operation
The GRoW is never sick or tired and will open new operational possibilities such as night harvesting. The crops will be ready for shipment in the morning while other tasks can be done during the day.