Rbotic Worker

Manual Horticultural tasks are repetitive and often performed imprecisely. Humans are prone to error.

Meet GRoW. MetoMotion’s award-winning driverless robot that operates 24/7. GRoW picks crops, packs them and drives through a greenhouse with limited human support.

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Advanced analytics from the data generated from sensors to improve crop management.

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With its 3D vision capabilities, GRoW crop selection is determined by its ripeness settings.

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Wi-Fi and Cellular connection

Enables seamless integration between Robot cloud-based Analytics platform.

Bidirectional Harvesting

Simultaneous harvesting of both sides of the row with dual robotic arms.

Smart Shears

Tool cuts and holds fruit while avoiding damage to branches.

AI 3D Vision Technology

In-depth, high-resolution color photos captured for both harvesting and crop analysis.

Onboard Boxing System

Crops placed in standard industry boxes using compact packing technology.

Autonomous Guided Vehicle

Driverless robot that maneuvers automatically through the row.


Dual robotic arms for bidirectional harvesting

The dual robotic arms give GRoW the ability to harvest both sides of the greenhouse row, significantly increasing the pace of harvesting.


Autonomous guided vehicle

Multiple driverless GRoW robots can operate simultaneously.
The robots maneuver easily between rows detecting, harvesting, and packing.


Onboard boxing system

The robot packs the crops into standard industry boxes for easy and seamless integration with existing production protocols.


Data collection and analytics platform

Automatically collects data in real time for crop management with yield forecasts and distribution analyses.

Crop Imaging

Advanced 3D vision system

3D vision captures in-depth, color photos for successful harvesting and provides data for further crop analysis.