RedStar expands harvesting team with MetoMotion GRoW harvesting robots

Peter Kalden (CFO, Redstar), Ryan Muradin (ICT Manager, Redstar), Adi Nir (MetoMotion CEO)
February 27, 2023
Press Release

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De Lier, Netherlands: MetoMotion today announced it has signed on a multi-year agreement with RedStar for the purchase of multiple MetoMotion’s Greenhouse Robotics Worker (GRoW).
RedStar started harvesting with the GRoW robot in 2022 and is now scaling its usage with purchase of the robots covered in this agreement. The plan is to reach full commercial site usage by the end of 2023.
The adoption of agricultural robots in RedStar’s greenhouses reflects fundamental changes affecting greenhouse globally, including rising labor and energy costs. RedStar is transitioning to precision harvesting and data driven production practices.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with RedStar which continues to demonstrate its commitment to using AI and data driven solutions within its greenhouses.” says Adi Nir, CEO of MetoMotion “We see commercial harvesting of tomatoes as the first of many steps that we are taking together and look forward to strengthening our partnership in the future.”

“At RedStar we recognize the unprecedented challenges facing the industry today and the need for data driven solutions for precision harvesting.” Says Ryan Muradin, Manager ICT at RedStar. “RedStar views this agreement as another important step as we move to sustainable farming.”

The agreement was signed with the support of Ridder, MetoMotion’ s strategic partner in the Netherlands. “The investment from RedStar in robotic harvesting is a step into the future of the autonomous greenhouse. Step by step, robots will become indispensable to guarantee business continuity,” says Joep van den Bosch, Chief Strategy Officer at Ridder.

About MetoMotion: MetoMotion is a manufacturer of a multipurpose robotic system to perform labor-intensive tasks in greenhouses in order to reduce the limitations and high costs associated with human labor in vegetable production. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Yokneam, Israel.

About RedStar: RedStar has been a full-service specialist in tasty tomatoes since 1953. The company now has a turnover of approximately 100 million euros with around 800 employees. In addition to its own greenhouses in the Netherlands, the company also has partnerships in England and Morocco, so that it can supply fresh, tasty tomatoes throughout the year.

About Ridder: Ridder is a global leader in horticulture automation solutions, providing advanced technology and connected smart solutions to growers in over 100 countries. With a portfolio of drive systems, process control, water treatment systems, climate screens, robotics and labor-saving tools, Ridder helps growers optimize production processes, improve crop quality, and increase yield.