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Transform your Greenhouse with Harvesting Robotics

In this one-hour interactive webinar, you'll learn about the transformation of indoor farming production in modern greenhouses through smart robotics.

Our expert speakers will share experiences from high tech greenhouses that are using robotics and Big Data to improve operations.

We will share our experiences gained in the Netherlands.


- Why now?  Advanced robotics can now support horticultural challenges.

- What's new?  AI and data driven solutions in greenhouses today

- How does it work?  Lessons learned from recent implementations.  Analytics for crop management in action.

-What is the impact?  New commercial opportunities with yield forecasts and distribution analyses.

Speaker Information

- Itamar Zisling, VP of MetoMotion
- Boy de Nijs, Robotics Commercialization Lead, Ridder

Date and Time

Tuesday, May 23rd at 16:00 PM CET (Europe) and  9:00 AM EST (North America).

*Please note that the webinar will be recorded, so if you can't make it live, you can watch the recording at a later time.

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